Friday, August 13, 2010


Hi followers,

I have seen my Urologist and I have my left kidney removed the first week of September. Not long to wait thank goodness. I have not been able to eat anything. I have lost 10 kilo's recently which is 22 pounds. Doug is buying me some iceblocks today so hopefully I can suck on one of those. I had a bone scan yesterday and thank goodness there were no nasties. Monday I have a liver ultrasound for the lesions found there so all I need is good news there.
I can't wait to do craft again. Once I get my energy back after the operation there will be no stopping me.
Al the symtoms that  I have been having like the loss of appitite, dizzy head, continual cough and fevers are all to do with the tumour so I will be a new person when this is over.
thank you so much for your support.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Whats been happening

Sorry I haven't been posting for a little while. Since my hubby had the Liver cancer I have been struggling with my own illness. I have been ill for nearly three months and have had heaps of tests. I have had an infection in my system that has brought me very low and without energy. I am very low in Iron and have aneamia amongst other things.

Yesterday I had a chest, Abdomen and pelvic CT scan with dye through the veins. The results came straight through to my Doctor and I have been told I have Kidney cancer. Now I know you can live with one kidney. I thought to myself enough is enough. After having a double mastectomy for cancer two years ago and then my hubby having colon cancer and now has just got over liver cancer ones starts to wonder what is going on and when it will end. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining.

I am missing my craft so much ( NOW I AM COMPLAINING ABOUT THAT)and have not been able to color my new Spring collection. I want to go in the nautical comp for Magnolia-licious highlites but looks like it won't happen. The good thing is I already have an appointment at the hospital to see a Urologist so hopefully I will have an operation soon and have my appetite back.

Everything tastes horrible (even chocolate). As a matter of fact I now can't eat anything so hopefully that will be sorted soon. There are a couple of other things that still need to be looked into like lesions on the Liver which I am hoping will be nothing and a cyst on the spleen. The good news is that it is only in my right kidney and is not associated with the breast cancer. It is called Renal Cell Carconoma.

So with much regret I need to leave my blog for a little while. I want to thank everyone that have left comments. They have been so encouraging and uplifting. I appreciate every single one.