Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lung Biopsy

This is at your leisure.
As a lot of you have wanted to know how my lung biopsy went so I thought I would write about it here on my blog. Unfortunately things didn't go to plan. The doctor did explain to me before he started that it was a very tricky procedure and he may not be able to get a sample of the tumor because of where it is. The tumor is situated at the bottom of my left lung on the inside. This part of the lung flaps around a bit with the breathing. He said it would be like hitting a moving target.

Firstly the nurse had to put a needle in my arm. Well that seems easy enough..not. Because I have no lymph nodes in my right arm they have to do it in my left arm. You guessed it!! they can never find the vein so it has to be done by ultrasound. Still he couldn't find it...duh! After sticking me umteen dozen times I said just put it in my right arm and don't tighten the band around my arm. Ah! relief. finally I'm ready. Well as ready as I could feel. I was terrified of having this done. (I'm so brave).

I had to lay on my stomach so that he could go through my back.
First he gave me a needle to numb the area and the flesh that goes to the lung.

Then there was another instrument that had to go into that same place to nip some of the tumor. Each time he put it in a little it had to be inspected on the CT scan to see that it was going in the right place. I had to stop breathing each time for a short period and the breath had to be exactly the same each time. (quite hard to do). After about four times of doing this he let me know that my lung had collapsed and he had missed the tumor. By this time my breathing was very laboured and I think I was going a nice shade of purple.

Now the worsed bit..he said he had to put a tube into my lung to get the air out. He gave me another needle of pain relief and started putting the tube in. Honestly I thought I was going to die. By this time I was screaming with the pain....God help me, please help me. He said that as it is paining me so much he would take it out and hope that it had done it's job. He removed it and I was left on the bed still crying out asking for more pain relief. After awhile I got another injection. Still no relief. None that I could feel anyway.
They wheeled me around to have an x-ray. I prayed all the way. Please dear Lord I pray I don't have to have it put back. ahh! prayers answered.

I then had to go back to recovery and wait another four hours for another x-ray. My blood pressure was that low I was almost passing out. No more pain killer until my blood pressure had gone up a little. 2 pm I could have more pain relief. Slowly the pain subsided. A little relief at last. Not good when you feel like going to the toilet and you aren't allowed to walk. Not good when you miss the little potty they put under you and everything has to get changed.

Doug arrived back at the hospital just in time to miss all the fun. Thank the Lord he wasn't there when I was screaming out or they would of had to admit him.

Another x-ray and all is clear. My temperature is still a little high, and blood pressure starting to get better.
Doctor informs me I will probably have to go the hard way and have an operation to remove it. The hard way...what is he talking about? I don't think anything could feel any worse than that.

 So there is my story. I have to see my Specialist on the 1st of September to find out what is going to take place. I forgot to mention that the doctor wanted to have another go and put the needle in another place. You can guess what I said...yep! I said no way am I having that again. He did say that he didn't blame me. Thank you for all those prayers and well wishes. Without them I think I would of had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana skin. chuckle.

i finally went home from the hospital at 4.30 pm. At least I didn't have to stay there.

I am now going to go and do some craft as I am so much better except for an awful cough. At least I didn't cough when he was sticking me...ugh! sister Sheryl has just read this and said how come I didn't mention that she had to get up from her sick bed to see me....poor thing has the flu.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tilda in Red

Today my sweet Tilda is colored in red. I have been practicing still with my Promarkers and finding out what colors go with what. I still haven't got a huge collection but am working on it.
This card is very plain and just two and white.
On Wednesday I have a lung biopsy. Not the most pleasantest of things but something that has to be done.
Anyway here is my card.

I entered this in the Magnolia-licious monochrome challenge blog.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Letraset Clouring Challenge #2

This is my entry for the Letraset colouring challenge. You can win a Promarker 12 set and Ultra fine nibs. The closing date is 17th August. Here is the link. I think it is by random pick so anyone can win.

I am still learning to use these markers and have lots to learn but I think they are an excellent buy. The shading on her nose is not right and I found it quite hard to do her mouth. (not the right color either) Other than that I was quite pleased with it. I colored this with my Promarkers.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Birthday and bereavement

At long last I have something to show on my blog.
I have had a few health issues and have had to have a few tests and see specialists and have hospital appointments. I have a tumor in my left lung and it wasn't clear if it was from the kidney cancer or a new lung cancer. The good news is that there are no more tumors anywhere showing in my body at this time and hopefully never. In a week or two I will be having a lung biopsy. Something I am not to keen on having but necessary to find out exactly what it is. I am praying that by some miracle it will be benign. I have had enough people praying for me so I have a very good chance. Anyhoo on to my cards.
The first one is a beareavement card I made for a friend. Very simple with some flowers that I made myself and some butterflies.
The second one is colored with Promarkers. I have just got them and have been practicing with them. I still need heaps of practice but am enjoying it a lot. Not much else to say really.

Sorry the pictures are so blurry. I took them at night and on a different camera. My camera crashed...boohoo. Good news is there is another one on the way.