Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Going into hospital

Just for the record..I go into hospital tomorrow to have a tumor removed from my left lung. I may not be able to put anything on here for a little while until I have recuperated. I am confident that all will go well.
Thank you all who have prayed for me. It has been so comforting and I have appreciated it very much. Thank you also for the wonderful encouring comments I always receive.
See you in a couple of weeks or sooner.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Update on my health

Hi Dear Followers!
Today I had to go to the hospital to see the Surgeon about the tumor on my lung. As a lot of you know I had a biopsy that had gone very wrong and it had caused my lung to collapse. My specialist told me I didn't have to have it again as the surgeon had agreed to do the operation without knowing whether the cancer I had was a lung cancer or a secondary cancer from the kidney cancer I had last year. (metastatic disease). He said he believed it to be metastatic disease. Not the best scenario as further down the line it will turn up somewhere else.
My faith has held me together. Without it I would not cope at all. He is going to do what is called a wedge resection where they will go in and cut the tumor out and surrounding tissue. I will be in hospital for about four days. He said it will take several weeks of pain afterwards. The hospital will ring me this week with a date that will be within the next two weeks. I came home exhausted and went straight to bed and slept like a baby. It has been a stressful time. My hubby Doug and I have had our share of cancer and were hoping to have a good year this year. Maybe next year will be a good one.

On a lighter is a card I made with Tilda angel on it. The flower is a one I made myself. I colored Tilda with Promarkers. My little buddy Toby loves to help me craft.

The finished article. all in one piece.