Friday, September 18, 2009

Framed flowers

I'd love to show you a beautiful framed flower arrangement made by my friend Angie. She has called these flowers Penny flowers. These are all handmade sculptured flowers and leaves as are all the flowers displayed on this blog. I received this for my birthday last Tuesday. They are so lovely in real life.

Hugs Marion


Patti.Jo said...

A fabulous display in a frame! I know she made it for someone deserving!

Pauline said...

Hi Marion... you are so lucky to receive something so beautiful for your birthday! I hope it was a happy one.

Norma said...

Hi Marion. Thanks for your lovely comment on my card. I scrolled through you blog. Oh my goodness. Your work is truly amazing. I love paper flowers and yours are unique and so beautifully crafted and your arrangements are awesome. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration.